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Hi , we’re Jimmy and Jane Pearson


   After dedicating most of my life to being a Professional Golf Instructor, assisting others has become second nature to me. While I've cherished each day, it's time for a change. Joining this company not only allows me to significantly impact others' wealth but also reveals opportunities for my wife and me to build our own wealth!"

Hi, We're Thomas and Carol

   As a banking technician, I find satisfaction in my work. Despite both my wife and I currently holding two jobs each, which often leaves us with limited time together due to conflicting schedules, our recent commitment to this company has led us to strategize a plan to say goodbye to all four jobs by late 2024."

Hi I'm Vicki






"I’m a 26-year court reporter in Superior and Federal Court.  I am proud of the work I have done, and I have enjoyed my career.  It has served me and my family well, but has not afforded me the time I want with my loved ones.  I want that time, and I want to travel and build the wealth I deserve! 

     I have found a new, exciting, and disruptive company with integrity and a heart of service that can get me there – and now you have, too!  I invite you to discover and explore the true genius and generosity of this opportunity.  I think you will be impressed!  Join me!" 

Hi, I'm Robert



"I have a deep affection for Jesus, my faith, my children, exploring off-road trails, and spending time in the mountains. I joined this business to pursue my passion instead of exchanging hours for a modest wage at my two jobs."

Hi, We're Chuck and Laura

We own and operate a comprehensive landscape maintenance and installation business in Southern California. Our goal in joining this venture was to achieve time freedom and savor the life we've built, despite our success in the field.

Hi, I'm Ashley

Hi, I'm John